Gold Tone Dealer Spotlight

Dusty Strings, a Gold Tone Dealer

Dusty Strings

Here at Gold Tone, we recognize that the most important part of music is the community around it. That's why we would like to showcase local Gold Tone dealers.

As harp and hammered dulcimer builders whose instruments are known for their incredibly crisp, bright sound, if you didn’t know any better, you’d think Ray and Sue Mooers named their store Dusty Strings ironically. The truth is that when Dusty Strings was founded in the late seventies, with the mid-century folk revival still echoing through the musical landscape, aspiring folkies were exhuming decades’-neglected instruments from dusty attics all over the country, bringing them, and the tradition, back to life.

In 1982, Ray and Sue parleyed the success of their original operation –building dulcimers in the basement and selling them at folk festivals and craft fairs– into the establishment of an acoustic music store/school in Seattle. The following year, Ray started building harps as well. Today, in addition to supplying the world with some of the finest dulcimers and harps available, Dusty Strings is supplying a new 21st century folk revival with a whole range of acoustic instruments and instruction in how to play them.

Like Dusty Strings, we at Gold Tone have been at the forefront of the new folk revival since its inception in the early 2000’s. So when Dusty Strings started carrying a selection of our world-class banjos and ukuleles, it was a match for a new age, and one for the ages.

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