Gold Tone Dealer Spotlight

Denver Folklore Center, a Gold Tone Dealer

Denver Folklore Center

The Denver Folklore Center was modeled after the original Folklore Center in Greenwich Village, whose essence propagated in much the same way folk and folklore themselves have always done. The story goes that when founder Harry Tuft was still a struggling folk musician in Georgetown, Colorado, a Denver club owner heard him play and encouraged him to open a Denver outlet of the famous Greenwich store. In true folkie fashion, Tuft crisscrossed the country while he thought it over, eventually winding up in New York where he met Izzy Young, owner of the original Folklore Center, with whose additional encouragement he returned to Denver and opened the sister store.

But the Denver Folklore Center didn't just get off to a grassroots start. It quickly became a firmly embedded root for the whole 1960's folk revival, a root that drew the finest instruments from the soil of the music manufacturing landscape and deposited them in the hands of such clients as Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, and Pete Seeger. Today, the Denver Folklore Center continues the tradition of sourcing the finest instruments from around the world with the inclusion of Gold Tone's world-class family of banjos.

Harry Tuft sold the Denver Folklore Center in 2016 to focus on music performance fulltime, but new owners Saul Rosenthal and Claude Brachfeld are committed to honoring its authenticity. See all the ways they’ve retained the store's roots and laid down new ones at