Easy to Buy, Easy to Play and Easy to Own

Gold Tone's GT series instruments are our most widely-available and affordably-priced offerings. The GT Folk Collection includes the AC-1 Openback and AC-5 Resonator banjos, the finest-sounding, easiest-playing and best-made beginner banjos you can buy; the GM-35, the world’s best value in an F-style mandolin, and the Micro Guitar, which excels as a student instrument or as a travel guitar. The GT Folkternative Collection boasts the MicroBasses (available in 23” scale, fretted or fretless and 25” scale, fretted or fretless, and as a fretted or fretless solidbody), the adorable Plucky (unbeatable for travel or as a first “real” banjo for kids), the AC-6 and AC-6+ Banjitars, the GT Weissenborn, and the versatile F-6 and F-12 Mando-Guitars. They’re easy to buy, easy to play and easy to own.

Folk Instruments

Folkternative Instruments