Stainless Steel Frets (Assorted, radius)



Per customer request, we are now proud to offer stainless steel Zero Glide frets! These frets basically do not wear out. This means they require no maintenance and never need to be replaced. Not only that, the stainless frets improve performance for tuning and bends. These frets are specially designed with an offset tang for our Zero Glide nut system. Comes in a pack of 3.

Available in Medium (.038"), Jumbo (.051"), and Super Jumbo (.058"), or an assorted pack of each size.

See sizing guide for correct fit.


    I nutted

    Aug 28, 2022
    I bought one for my generic mass produced bass don't get me wrong It's an awesome bass . I recently had It refretted with jumbo gold bell brass frets and It's regular plastic nut started to feel off. I did a little search on web and came upto this products. I combined It with my leftover gold fret wire and boom I Nutted Finally after years of trying to prevent using open strings on my bass I can enjoy that low open string notes sustaining to eternity. 100 recommended and If you ever get a custom made instrument insist on the 0 fret option. You can try different gauge strings without worrying about nut slot shapes and widths.
    Wesley Warren Jr.
    What sorcery is this ?

    Jun 3, 2018

    Just put one of these on an old beater of a cheap strat-clone kit that I use to experiment with "creative" wiring. Suddenly its in tune up and down the neck and stays that way after using the trem as well. It cost half the price of the kit but it has significantly improved the value of the instrument to me. It required a little sanding of the back of the nut but nothing drastic. I dont have many dedicated luthier tools so the fret wire is not trimmed perfectly (but the look is in keeping with the overall "relic'd" appearance of the guitar). The question now becomes can I get a discount if I order these in bulk?

    Dean from Review pulled from Stew Macs Zero Glide Product Page
    Great Product!!!

    Nov 16, 2016

    I've owned guitars with zero frets and always wondered why the idea never really caught on...For me,It improves the feel,tuning stability and playability..I was interested when I saw this device and wondered if it was something I would be capable of installing without risk to my acoustic... it turned out to be easier than I'd hoped..with just a small amount of sanding I had it installed in less than an hour...I'll be ordering at least one more to try out on one of my electrics..thanks Bob M.

    Robert from Review pulled from Stew Macs Zero Glide Product Page
    Bought 2

    Jun 27, 2016

    One for Fender Telecaster, the other for Breedlove acoustic. Both of these guitars are top 10 instruments. The Zero Glide nut improvement came through as described on Youtube demos. So much better string action (lower with out any fret buzz) Clarity in open string tone chords and pulloff plucking, faster tuning to pitch, using electronic tuner, remaining in pitch once strings stretch has settled in. I took my time to install on both guitars about 2 hours for each instrument. Have new custom Guitar that I will 99% sure I will add this improvement to soon. I see this becoming a standard upgrade to many popular manufactures. Lastly the sustain in open chords on all strings cant be described.

    Juanito from Review pulled from Stew Macs Zero Glide Product Page
    Acoustic Glide Nut

    Oct 7, 2016

    I installed this on an old Alvarez acoustic that used to belong to my Dad. The strings had started to buzz badly and the bridge height was maxed out so I knew it must be the nut. Took about an hour to cut down the new nut and shape with the Drexel tool; sided/polished the frets and installed glide nut with the tallest feet wire. Worked like a charm and no more buzzing. Even lowed the bridge down to a reasonable height as well. Great product and easy to install.

    Jan Scallan from Review pulled from Stew Macs Zero Glide Product Page