Zero Glide Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the easiest way to choose the correct model for my instrument?

A: Print out the sizing chart. The string spacing is the measurement you must determine. Place the printed chart under the strings and match.

Q: The radius on my guitar isn't matching the stock models. Should I order custom?

A: The Zero Glide nut has an average radius. Even if your fingerboard varies slightly (+/- 6″ in radius), the fret itself will adjust to your fingerboard. There is no need to order custom.

Q: Can I install a Zero Glide on my own?

A: Possibly. Check our installation video to see if that's something you feel you can do. If you have the tools and the setup knowledge, it's an easy install. However, if you find yourself unfamiliar with a proper instrument setup, or you don't have the necessary tools, we recommend you take it to your local luthier. Most music shops have one.

Q:How did you adjust the Zero Glide Fret for exact intonation?

A: We designed a unique fret with an offset tang. There are no ridges on the tang for a snug fit.

Q: Do you offer any other materials?

A: We offer Black Delrin on most models and other custom materials are possible with a custom order only.

Q: You claim the open string tone is brighter. How would you describe that?

A: If you listen to this independent comparison by CA Guitars, you can easily hear the difference. One of the main reasons this happens is the bone material tends to soak up the energy from the string, but the fret wire we use is more reflective which gives you a 'brighter' tone.

Q: What if I want to change string gauges?

A: The Zero Glide pre-slotted nuts are cut to fit extra light to medium heavy string gauges and don't need to be altered when string gauges are changed. If you prefer custom string gauges, please consider installing one of the many sizes of blank nuts Zero Glide offers, or requesting a custom Zero Glide.

Q: I've gotten mixed information on if a zero fret should be the same height as the rest of your frets, or slightly taller. Which Zero Glide Fret Size should I use?

A: For the most accurate intonation, the same size fret should be used. It's similar to using a capo. However, a higher fret can be used for a harder strummer. But that's the beauty of the Zero Glide system; the fret can be switched easily.

Q: Users say they have more accurate intonation than a standard nut; and that using a capo needs less tuning. How's that possible?

A: Even in a well-done instrument setup, the nut slots are generally cut a little higher than necessary to avoid having to repair a nut cut too low, and open string buzz. When this is the case, fretting a note with higher action causes the string to stretch and go slightly sharp, which gives you intonation issues. With the action set at the nut by the Zero Glide system, fretted notes will play in better tune all the way up the neck.

Q: I've heard great reviews on Zero Frets, but a few people said the fret often needs to be replaced because of how quickly it wears compared to normal frets. Is this true?

A: The nickel silver frets used in the Zero Glide system are much harder than a standard fret. Over a long period of time there is very little wear. In fact, Brian May with Queen said the zero fret on his iconic guitar, the Red Special, lasted 10 years before changing.

Q: I have my own line of instruments. How can we partner up?

A: We can make a drop-in fit bone nut for your guitars which will save you nut slotting labor as it self adjusts. We will also champion your brand in our marketing. For more information, contact us at

Q: Is it best to adjust nut slots on center (using a size ruler) or best to keep equal spacing between the strings?

A: It's a bad idea to have equal spacing between strings. I use equal spacing on each centerline of each string. For one thing if the customer changes the gauge of strings then it's all wrong. Also, you are trying to train your fingers to hit the same spot every time so that would be on a constant centerline.

Q: Is There a Patent on Zero Glide?

A: The Zero Glide Replacement Nut is a patented product. To see the full patent information, you can go to the U.S. patent office website.