Cheat-A-Keys D-Tuners



Product Description


"Standard" size fits all standard Gold Tone banjos except the following: OB-2, BC-350, CB-100, HM-100, HM-100A

If you experience any undesireable clicking, please refer to the instruction manual below.

Cheat-A-Keys Cam Tuners are available in two sizes, standard and wide, to fit a variety of banjo headstocks. The standard size is designed to fit headstocks under 2 inches in width, while the wide size is perfect for headstocks under 2.5 inches in width. What's more, there are no modifications needed to install these handy D-tuners, making them a popular choice among banjo players.

Cheat-A-Keys Cam D-tuners are renowned for their innovative design and functionality. These special D-tuners make playing classic banjo songs a breeze, especially those made famous by Earl Scruggs such as Flint Hill Special and Earl's Breakdown. With Cheat-A-Keys Cam D-tuners, you can produce an authentic and resonant tone without the need to drill any holes.

Unlike traditional D-tuners, Cheat-A-Keys Cam Tuners feature a cam mechanism that provides more precise and reliable tuning. This makes them ideal for beginners who are still learning how to tune their banjos. Additionally, experienced players appreciate the ease of use and consistent tuning provided by these innovative tuners. Whether you're a professional banjo player or just starting out, Cheat-A-Keys Cam Tuners are an excellent choice for achieving the classic banjo sound made famous by Earl Scruggs and other legends of the genre. Other classic banjo songs that benefit from the use of D-tuners include Randy Lynn Rag and Foggy Mountain Chimes. With Cheat-A-Keys Cam Tuners, you can play these timeless tunes with ease and confidence.

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