ABS-C Banjo-Resonator Guitar Mic (Condenser)


Product Description

The ABS-C combines a condenser microphone with a compact gooseneck coupled to a shock mounted adjustable bracket that has no exposed wiring. This mic requires phantom power from your sound system, acoustic amp, or an add-on box (available from several different sources such as Rapco, Horizon, Peavey etc.) and includes a three-pin cable. The ABS-C accurately captures the sound of your banjo or reso-guitar at the precise spot you prefer for the tone you're after, without the annoyance of extraneous vibrations. ABS-C can be moved from one instrument to another in seconds and comes in a hard plastic carrying case with fitted foam inserts. Please note: the ABS-2 preamp is not compatible with the ABS-C.

*Can be modified to fit the Neckville Heli-mount pot assembly.*