SS Leather Slinger Strap


Product Description

Rick Scoles designed the Slinger because couldn't find a banjo strap that he really liked. Rick wanted a strap that distributed the weight of the banjo evenly on his back and that was cut wider to ease the burden on his shoulder. The initial design was just a leather loop, notched to fit the banjo. He added an angle to the pattern to make the strap ride a little flatter and to fit more snugly against his back. The result was a simple strap with a revolutionary approach to holding the instrument in place. It simply holds the banjo's weight like a hammock.

  • The Slinger is adjustable and fits any brand of resonator banjo
  • There are no metal parts to scratch your banjo.
  • The strap does not stress the banjo or banjo hardware.
  • The strap can be easily and quickly switched between multiple banjos, even during live performances. You only need one strap for multiple banjos.
  • The Slinger is really comfortable and easy to use, and it fits easily into the case with your banjo.

The Slinger comes in Standard (basic black, leather and cloth) and Deluxe (padded black, all-leather) and is made in America.