TS-250: Tenor Special Banjo with Case



TS-250 Specifications

All Gold Tone instruments setup in Titusville, FL. USA


Bell Brass Tone Ring
GT Master Planetary Tuners
3-Ply Maple Rim
Hearts & Flowers Inlay

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Product Description

Fanciers of the great pre-World War II tenor banjos from the Midwestern USA will certainly recognize this timeless look. The design of the Gold Tone TS-250 was inspired by the most popular vintage tenor banjo ever made. The TS-250 combines exceptional tone with exquisite appearance and features low playing action for easy chording and maximum speed. The authentic pot design carries a bell brass flathead tone ring, a one-piece flange and a fourteen-inch resonator. The full-range, nineteen-fret fingerboard features hearts and flowers inlay and is bound in white celluloid. Tuned CGDA (standard tenor banjo tuning). Available as left-handed model.