OB-250LW 11" 3-ply Lightweight Banjo Rim


Product Description

OB-250LW, 11" 3-Ply Maple, w/flange cut, vintage brown finish, half the weight of a standard pot.

The OB-250LW (Light Weight) banjo rim is an easy way to shave a few pounds off your banjo. The all-wood “rim-and-tone-ring-in-one” replaces the separate wood rim and the two-to-three pound metal tone ring in your banjo. You save your back and the banjo’s sound stays punchy and satisfying with little loss of power and volume. The tone remains tight with a satisfying short sustain. The bevel at the top of the rim measures the same as on most bronze rings and creates the same effective head area as found on a standard flathead tone ring. The LW rim is a quick and inexpensive option for someone needing relief from fatigue during those long sets on stage, or even if you’re just tired of lugging around a thirteen-pound banjo.

*Hardware not included