José Ramírez "Conservatorio" Flamenco Guitar


The José Ramírez Conservatorio guitar, hand-built in Madrid by the artisans of the Guitarrería workshop, speaks boldly with sparkling treble and articulate low tones. Amalia Ramírez, fourth-generation manager of José Ramírez, says that "the Conservatorio's design is minimalist and innovative. It is a step up from our semi-professional SPR.".

The violin-like treatment of the guitar's body is elegantly simple. Built from top-quality woods, the Conservatorio's minimalist design enables Ramírez to bring this beautiful guitar to market at a very affordable price. It embodies a truly innovative concept in guitar construction, simple and effective.

Continuing in the line of the classical conservatory guitar, this instrument is made with the wood traditionally used in flamenco.


  • Top: Spruce / Abeto
  • Sides and Back: Indian Rosewood / Palosanto De India
  • Inside: Cypress Single Side / Aro Sencillo Cipres
  • Neck: Cedar / Cedro
  • Binding: Indian Rosewood / Palosanto India
  • Fingerboard: Ebony / Ebano
  • Bridge: Indian Rosewood / Palosanto India
  • Nut: Cow Bone / Hueso Vaca
  • Nut Width:
  • Saddle: Cow Bone / Hueso Vaca
  • Soundhole: Woodstrip / Filetes
  • Tuner: Alessi
  • Scale Length: 650mm
  • Strings: Ramírez Medium Tension
  • Finish: Polyurethane / Poliuretano
  • Electronics: None


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