José Ramírez "C-638" Handcrafted Special Construction


Basic construction of our Traditional guitar with 638mm scale. Some guitarists require a shorter scale than our usual ones (664mm and 650mm), therefore we currently offer the option of 638mm. The projection, being a shorter scale, will as well be smaller.




  • Top: Cedar / Cedro
  • Sides and Back: Indian Rosewood / Palosanto De India
  • Inside: Cypress Double Side / Doble Aro Cipres
  • Neck: Cedar / Cedro
  • Binding: Indian Rosewood / Palosanto India
  • Fingerboard: Ebony / Ebano
  • Bridge: Indian Rosewood / Palosanto India
  • Nut: Cow Bone / Hueso Vaca
  • Nut Width:
  • Saddle: Cow Bone / Hueso Vaca
  • Soundhole: Mosaic / Mosaico
  • Tuner: Exagon
  • Scale Length: 638mm
  • Strings: Hannabach Hard Tension
  • Finish: Polyurethane / Poliuretano
  • Electronics: None

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