José Ramírez "FL1" Studio Flamenco


There are Flamenco guitars and then there is the Ramírez Flamenco 1A. Designed by Amalia Ramírez, who throws all her sensitivity into her craft, this model supersedes the expectations of every guitarist, every single time.

Its template makes the action very comfortable throughout the entire register while the fretboard favors a clean definition. The FL1A is so well-built that it feels as though the fretboard is narrower than it really is and the strings are smoother than they really are. Super-fast response, ultra-percussive, gorgeous timbre: there's a big part of Spain's soul in this guitar.

It has a golpeador to protect the top from scratches. One might think that this would compromise its projection and volume, but actually what it does is enhance the percussive character for which this instrument is so famous for. Rasgueados are full and every note is properly discriminated due to the internal structure of the top. The intonation is amazing and the sound is much rounder than one might expect from a Flamenco guitar. This is the main reason why classical players, jazz cats and other contemporary musicians select this guitar. As magnificent as Flamenco sounds on the FL1A, other genres match perfectly with it too.

This guitar shines like a star in the sky. Its yellow finish makes it eye catching and the rosette enchanting and glamorous.

Don't forget to order it with a Zero Glide Nut!




  • Top: Spruce / Abeto
  • Sides and Back: Solid Cypress / Cipres Macizo
  • Inside:
  • Neck: Cedar / Cedro
  • Binding: Indian Rosewood / Palosanto India
  • Fingerboard: Ebony / Ebano
  • Bridge: Indian Rosewood / Palosanto India
  • Nut: TUSQ
  • Nut Width: 51.5mm
  • Saddle: Cow Bone / Hueso Vaca
  • Soundhole: 66mm
  • Tuner: Van Gent
  • Scale Length: 650mm
  • Strings: D'Adario J45 T.Normal
  • Finish: Polyurethane / Poliuretano
  • Electronics: None


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